About El Pasaje Spanish School

spanish school in buenos aires features-enLearning a language is not supposed to be memorizing grammar tables: we know you want to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires in order to use it. This is why we design our Spanish lessons to develop your skills in listening, speaking, writing and reading, while always aiming to improve your communication ability. Along with that, we do our best to introduce you to our wonderful culture and to the secrets of our huge city, in order to make not only your Spanish classes in Buenos Aires, but your whole experience here, as genuine and rewarding as possible.

At our Spanish School in Buenos Aires, our academic direction team assures you complete seriousness and responsibility at organizing the groups. Besides, being a small institution allows us not to work with fixed weekly programs: on the contrary, each course is formed depending on each student’s exact level, and it progresses based on each group’s own rhythm, interests and style. This way, you don’t waste time in Spanish lessons that meet only partially your learning needs.

Aside from the basics, our instructors are enthusiastic, patient, and highly-qualified: young travelers themselves, they have been trained at the University of Buenos Aires – one of the most prestigious universities in Latin America – and have extensive experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Besides, they love their city and its culture, and have a great passion for teaching Spanish as a second language while meeting people from all over the world.

Each student’s development is followed by our Spanish teachers, who work with the difficulties of each one of them, giving you extra homework and explanations after class, and recommending you extra lessons or a different course if necessary. This way, every group always progresses as fast and equally as possible.

homeAt our Spanish school in Buenos Aires, we offer a wide variety of Spanish courses in Buenos Aires: you’ll be able to choose between group or one-on-one intensive courses of 20 hours per week, one-on-one or (private) group semi-intensive courses of 10 hours per week, or one-on-one or (private) group regular lessons that consist of very flexible Spanish classes to fit the specific needs of your travels, or your life in our city. We also prepare candidates for DELE (all levels) and CELU exams, with as much anticipation as you want and with the exact amount of Spanish classes you really need to get ready.

To sum up, so if you’re serious about learning our language, come to our Spanish School in Buenos Aires!